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Marketing and managing your own short-term rental can be overwhelming and time-consuming, but both are essential to ensuring your rental is occupied so you can maximize your return. Abode simplifies your life by providing these services, so you get paid, but skip the headache.

Our Services

Marketing & Listing Management

With Abode’s marketing team, your property is thoughtfully marketed beyond the standard listing platforms. Your home, its unique characteristics, and its neighborhood are spotlighted to ensure potential guests will find their perfect getaway in your rental.

  • Carefully crafted listing copy

  • Home staging

  • Professional photography and videography

  • Social media – paid and organic

  • Listing platform placement and management


Property Assessment & Preparation

Well-maintained, clean homes are essential for meeting renters’ expectations and inviting return guests. We help you put your home’s best foot forward through:

  • Onsite walk-through and thorough inspection of your home and its contents

  • Enhancement recommendations to drive increased occupancy and revenue

  • Examination of the home interior and exterior to establish level of pre-launch cleaning required

Pricing & Optimization

We know there are events, holidays, and seasons that make your property more desirable than others. Our team is regularly assessing and adjusting your listing prices to get you the best occupancy and revenue possible.

  • Ongoing calendar and market assessment

  • Pricing adjustments

  • Promotions and off-season optimization


Guest Booking & Support

Renters are the other side of your rental equation, which is why Abode vets potential renters and goes above and beyond to surprise and delight guests.

  • Rapid response to booking inquiries

  • Review of potential guests’ rental ratings

  • 24/7 emergency contact access

  • Lockbox or premium meet & greet service

Linens, Cleaning & Finishing Touches

Guests expect a clean rental and necessities, so Abode ensures they receive that and much more.

  • Clean linens and towels for every booking

  • Professional cleaners trained for vacation rental turnover

  • Bathroom essentials like shampoo, conditioner, soap

  • Kitchen essentials like coffee, spices, condiments

  • Fresh flowers


“From the moment we met Aaron, we knew our rental was in the right hands. We love that our home isn’t just listed on Airbnb or some other website and just left there. The Abode team is always making enhancements to the listing and using social media to promote our property.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my home qualifies for Abode marketing and management? 


Abode strives for quality and care – from our operations to our services – and we want to work with homeowners who strive for the same. We have a thorough consultation process, which includes a detailed property assessment, to understand your needs and goals. 


How much does it cost to get started with Abode?

The consultation is free! You can reach out via email or phone and someone will get back to you to discuss next steps. We like to be transparent with our fees, so you can view pricing details here.


Do I have to sign a contract to get started? 

Contracts protect both you, the homeowner, and Abode. To ensure mutually agreeable terms are met, we do require a contract. 

Is my home insured?

Airbnb® and other vacation rental sites provide insurance protection for homeowners. You are able to set security deposits if you wish. You should always check with your homeowner/renter’s insurance policy for your specific coverage details. 

Can I set some house rules, like no pets or no smoking?

Yes, homeowners have the right to establish house rules that guest must comply to. Such rules do include, no smoking (of any substances) and no pets. Our team of vacation rental experts can help you draft house rules to help ensure your requirements are clear.

Does Abode respond to guest inquiries or do I have to do that? 

Abode responds to all rental inquiries from prospective guests. And we’re quick! Our goal is to always respond to inquiries within 1 hour. 


I’ve heard there’s a hotel occupancy tax – do I pay that? 

Guests pay the hotel occupancy tax at the time they book their stay. 


Who provides cleaners for my rental?

Abode provides cleaners trained specifically for vacation rentals. They are thorough and detail-oriented, so you can rest assured the next guests will be welcomed into a clean and replenished home. 


Who pays the cleaning fee? 

You don’t need to worry about that. We use our experience to set a fair cleaning fee for the home which the guest pays. In turn, our cleaners receive a real wage and your home is always sparkling clean.


If I want to stay in my home, can I clean it myself afterward?

Unfortunately, no. Cleaning a vacation rental requires a different level of attention than regular home cleaning. To ensure Abode Vacation Rental standards are met, our trained cleaners must clean and restock in preparation for the next guests.  

I have questions you haven’t answered here. Can I contact you? 

A. Please do! We want to help you have the best experience possible when it comes to renting your home with Abode. Email us at

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